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Horizontal Roller Blind Fly Screen 140 x 240 - White Alu

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Horizontal Roller Blind Fly Screen to fit doors up to 140cm wide x 240cm high supplied in white aluminium with professional fly screen mesh. This insect blind is for REVEAL [ to the brick or stone surround of the doorway ] fitting only.

This style of insect screen is suitable for use on standard, patio, conservatory, double and French doors, to stop and prevent entry of flies, wasps, midges, mosquitoes and other flying insects.

The cassette box of our Horizontal Roller Blind Fly Screen fits to the side reveal of either side of the doorway. The two channels along which the fly mesh glides are fitted to the top reveal and bottom step of the door.

There is an aluminium pull bar that pulls the mesh across to screen the doorway and it is closed in position with a tilt and turn locking system. The mesh is on a retractable, spring loaded mechanism and when released to open the screen, the mesh rolls neatly into the cassette box.

We would advise that this type of pull across screening against insects is not recommended where there is heavy traffic of humans or pets wanting to gain entry to the house or business.

Our Horizontal Roller Blind Fly Screen DIY kit is an attractive but effective method of screening doors where you want to let in fresh air but keep bugs out.

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