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Fly Screens Ideal for My Caravan

posted on 8 May 2012 | posted in Problem Flies

I love caravanning, but the places I love to park up always seem to be inhabited by so many bugs and flies. I had to get a fly screens for my door since it just gets too stuffy in the caravan to leave the door closed, yet I can't leave the door open to invite in all those pests! So the fly screen comes in handy as it lets in the fresh air while keeping out the pests.

My favourite spots to caravan have to all around East Anglia - from Billing Aquadrome in Northampton all the way to Lowestoft. I like the fact that this area is just so quiet - it's like the area that time forgot. Some people complain that there are no motorways in this area and that it takes such a long time to get from A to B. To me, that's a plus point.

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