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Vertical Roller Blind Door Fly Screen - Brown Aluminium

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Vertical Roller Blind Door Fly Screen in brown aluminium with professional fly screen mesh 140cm x 230cm (Picture shown is the screen in white aluminium)

Effective method of door screening against flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other flying insect bugs. However we would not advise you use these kind of insect screen for doorways that have 'heavy" traffic so as to avoid constant pulling up and down of the screen.

Easy to install, this Vertical Roller Blind Door Fly Screen is a DIY kit.

A cassette box that holds the rolled up insect screen mesh fits neatly to the top of your door reveal and there are two side channels screw fixed to the side reveal of the doorway.

There is an aluminium bar that allows you to pull down the flyscreen mesh of this retractable screen which locks in place with a tilt action. The fly screen mesh is spring loaded and neatly rolls up to be stored in the cassette box when the screen is not in use.

Effective fly proofing, this Vertical Roller Blind Door Fly Screen is suitable for standard, patio, double, French and conservatory doors.

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